Monday, 18 April 2011

It's back...............

Forgive me - I never seem to have the time - but's its back by popular demand!
Cracking day out spent on the fisheries patrol vessel, chugging around between the Tyne and Craster today, in search of cetaceans. With a sea like a millpond, it was perfect conditions for spotting anything and sure enough we did - but far less than we hoped. 4 Harbour Porpoise heading south were the only cetaceans but the birds made up for it with a nice manx shearwater and later a pomerine skua, the highlights. There were loads of puffins, guillemots, razor bills and gannets, with a small number of fulmar skimming the waves so effortlessly (how do they DO that!). Oddly, two rock pipits turned up chasing each other around the boat about 1.5 miles offshore! One or two common terns about and two terns sitting on a bit of flotsam off Coquet Island fooled me in thinking they were Roseates (but its way too early) so not sure what they actually were.

A grand day, in good company and many thanks to the crew for being so hospitable. 


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